Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2, 2013

Today I am doing my first glaze fire...this is where the real magic happens.  It doesn't matter what your pot looks like...if the glaze isn't right... well it can cause one to holler to your brother to send some moonshine on down to soothe ones nerves.  Yup, my brother got the still but I have the recipe book... needless to say family reunions are umm...soothing!  Funny how parents encourage their kids to play together.

The base color I have on hand is shino and I have layered both over and under with colors such as red, mottled blue, blue green and yummy colors like butternut and paprika.  I also rimmed a few with Archies Base but seeing that it runs like my brother's shine I use it very sparingly.  It just mellows the color and causes it to flow... just like me after a sip or two.

Keep your fingers crossed.