Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 27, 2013

Working out the kinks...

Since my last blog I took my own advise and have been in the studio almost daily... practicing... and it has paid off.  My technique has improved by leaps and bounds. I also had a couple glaze firings and was able to work out some kinks with my new glazes from Standard Ceramic Supply Co. I absolutely love, love, love the combo of turquois over matt black.


Thank you "Janice the Potter", please view her U-tube channel.

I also started working with a new clay, Buffalo Wallow by Armadillo Clay. It is like "budda". It's so soft and smooth. I usually throw clay with a lot of grog. What a difference. I also love the color... it's a beautiful toasted tan.

Since the stars have aligned for me... with this kiln opening... I may actually have something to sell on my Etsy page!!