Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Since leaving the corporate world in 1999, I have not kept up with the electronic age... to say the least.  I use the computer to check my e-mails, write letters and use Facebook to stay in touch with family scattered around the United States.  My cell phone... well... while I no longer use a flip phone at least I now text... lets just say I'm not as tech savy as I would like... which makes this next jump a little scarey for me... my own webpage.

My cousin assured  me that anyone can do it... made me think of that commercial "any caveman can do it" or perhaps I should rephrase as "cave woman".  So I will press on and keep checking off my goals as I complete and get closer to the finished product... on the business end as well as the creative.

Wish me luck!