Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 20,2013

Sunbathing naked...  ahhh to be a pot!

I just finished unloading the bisque load I did this weekend.  I find satisfaction in looking over the pieces to see how I have progressed as a potter as well as were I need additional concentration.  

Tammy Jo Schoppet, the Hobby Pottery, recently posed a question on Facebook about what our "game plan" was for implementing our ideas.  It really started me thinking that perhaps it was time in my "career" to start thinking about that.

As I look through my pottery journals I think I'm doing pretty good.  One journal is more of my creative notes and the other is more of a record keeper... among others such as my kiln journal and glaze journal.  Usually I start with a picture in my mind of what I personally like to use, then, figure out the height and width which will let me know the approximate weight of clay to use.   After flipping through my journal I see that my focus automatically narrows on foodie pieces... garlic keepers, mortar and pestle, juicers, salt cellars, pour bowls, brie bakers, tapas/appetizer plates, cruets and so on...  everything I find myself using on a daily basis cooking and entertaining for my family and friends.

While I realize I am not a production potter as those that responded with using the large chalk/wipe board in their studios... one day I will find the need for the board... right now I am happy that I no longer allow the clay to lead me, I now lead the clay.

So true the words of Joyce Meyers "enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going".  I don't know where I will end up in the wonderful world of pottery but I'm sure going to enjoy the journey.