Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

To market... to market... to market we will go...

I attended Ripe - a Spirited Market at Eilan, in San Antonio the other weekend and attendance was very high... so high that I practically sold out of everything.

Which means... time to replenish stock as well as a few new items.  With the Hubby out of town, Home Manager duties were put on hold this weekend.  Well not completely... had carpool duty in the morning and early afternoon but in between I was able to get a few things thrown.  Friday I finished up the extra large Garlic Keepers, small lace embossed heart shaped dishes, a few small lace embossed leaf bowls and today I focused on French Butter Crocks... they sell so well but they tend to be at times... difficult... therefore, more practice, and patience is needed. I need to use a larger amount of clay for the lids.  Much easier to trim away if necessary, more difficult to add after you find out "Ugg, I need another ounce or two".  Will be doing more of these tomorrow. As Simon Leach says "keep practicing".

On the agenda for the next studio session... throwing more butter crocks and if time permits, a honey pot or two.  So many things to create... so many distractions... but with a little focus... oh so much fun!
Peace and Light my friends.