Friday, October 18, 2013

Flippity Floppity...

I just hate when life gets in the way of potting!!

Not being able to get into the studio these last couple of weeks has me going through withdrawals... so while the Hubby is away, potting has been the play.  It's not that I don't pot when my Hubby is home, I do, all the time, it's just... lets just say that I've let my home management duties slide a bit... you know - takeout and paper plates. 

So these past 48 hours I have been able to spread out and utilize his car bay without having to put everything up at the end of the day... my actual studio space is only 4 feet wide by 20 feet long.  His empty car bay allows me to set up the saw horses with planks and lots of freshly thrown pots.  After all... we are making progress, our last house had a 3 car garage and we could never park in it, now at least (through purging "cough cough" and 2 self storage unit) he can park his car inside.  Where there is a will, there is always a way...

Not wanting to chase my tail, I've started making a list of projects that I want to focus on each time I am in the studio.  This has helped me round out my "collection".  Now that I know what pieces I want to include... I just need to make them in a larger quantities than I have been.  It seems a dozen or so of each piece is working just fine for now. 

Then there is that once-in-awhile overworked piece that just... flops!  I am so thankful for U-Tube and David Cuzick.  Because of his video I now have an art piece instead of more clay to reclaim.

Yes... my flopped bowl is hanging upside down between 2 planks, drying enough so I can flip it back, right side up and hold its shape... and according to my "resident apprentice" aka my daughter... it's the coolest bowl she has ever seen.

On the agenda for the next 48 hours with no Hubby... making a dent in the "list".

Until next time.
Peace and light.


Finished Bowl: