Monday, December 9, 2013

Setting Goals for 2014

The end of the year is quickly closing in.  I believe that today will be the last day of actually throwing clay.  I will have a load ready for a bisque firing tomorrow and will then proceed to a glaze load on Friday... just in time for my last show of the year on Sunday the 15th.

This past Sunday I started to reflect back on this year... my journey from where I started to where I am today.  I have to admit I am pretty happy about the steady progression I have made and with anticipatation of where I'll be at the end of next year... and on that thought, I start focusing on my goals for 2014.

So with paper and pen in hand I started writing them out... with bullets and sub-sections no less.  First up were new forms I wanted to master, new social media outlets I would like to tackle, tweaking my photo skills, sale opportunities outside of online and shows and ending, as every home manager does, with a shopping list... for both potting and the holiday menus. 

Now with the Holiday season is fast approaching, kids will soon be vacationing from school, family flying in from both coasts and just some much needed down time... without the alarm clock, I look forward to getting into the Holiday spirit of decorating, baking and quality family time.

I look forward to diving into my goals next year... well at least until after my daughter goes back to school in January... then keep an eye out... new things are on the horizon.

For those with small children... I say that loosely, as we adults have more fun than the kids... Norad tracks Santa starting at midnight of December 23rd, so check it out when you wake up Christmas Eve morning.

I wish everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas.