Sunday, January 12, 2014

Media Savviness

At the end of last year while attending my daughter's swim meet I started writing down my 2014 goals for my studio and business.  Top of the list...  to become more media savvy.

Every week I drive a carpool for my daughter and a few of the neighborhood kids that swim on a club team.  Each time it's my turn, I turn the radio way down low, pretend I'm not listening and eavesdrop on the girls, 13 year olds... the boys sit in the back and aren't quite as savvy as the girls are... they are 8 and 9.  I must say I have picked up quite a bit about Instagram (their fav) and Twitter. 

Seeing that they very confidently navigate the media apps with ease... and with only their thumbs... I thought about the commercial "if a caveman can do it".  Well... I must predate a caveman because there is definitely a learning curve... but lo and behold friends, I persevered and I now have... drum roll please... a Twitter account; @mudfirepottery, and an Instagram account; mudfirepottery.  So... if you are so inclined... feel free to follow me. You will be able to see the creative process up close.

I'm still getting a handle on using these apps but I can say with some certainty it's easy to snap a picture with my phone while I'm in the studio and post to Instagram... which allows me attach to Facebook and Twitter all in one tap of the post button. 

A special thank you to Cami, Marci and Lexi... my tutors.

Until next time,
Peace and Light