Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome 2014... Time To Get Organized

While I absolutely love the Holidays... it is a happy day when vacation is over and everyone is back to their routine and I can get back into the studio.  The last few days I have been cleaning and re-arranging the studio to make it flow a bit better and with such a small space... organization is absolutely key!

This is the whole studio.  It measures 4 feet by 20 feet, it's the garage bumpout, and I use every inch available.  On the far left is my main work bench.  I cut, wedge and weigh out my clay here.  Above the bench I store my stereo, reference books and bins filled with stamps, cutters, textured mats and just about anything needed for slab work.  Molds and such are kept in bins under the bench.

I work with both white and dark clay so I have a plywood board the depth of the bench that I use for the dark clay and white clay is used directly on the bench.
Next is my "glaze bench".  Buckets of  gaze are stored underneath and on top I have all my hand tools, brushes and cordless house phone. Two bar stools on each side are perfect for myself and my daughter for glazing or hand building.  The bench was a gift from a neighbor.  He was getting ready to throw it out and I was in the right place at the right time.  My Hubby added an old island counter top that we saved from a previous kitchen renovation.

Then my wheel... such a work horse.  I may not see it cleaner than it is right now!  Everything is quite handy.  I have a shelving unit to the left that I store my bats on the bottom and wonderbat, giffin grip and electric skillet for wax on the top.  The middle shelves keep greenware safe while drying out.
... and Bertha,  my big beautiful Skutt 1027.  She is vented through the garage wall. We were lucky enough to have a vent opening already there so no construction!

To divide the garage ever so fairly, the slab roller fits perfectly.  The Hubby even built a wheeled cart that stores my clay underneath.  Very easy for me to maneuvere.

Another find... actually the Hubby found 2... wheeled office file carts.  I store ware boards and plastic sheeting.  This one fits between the work bench and glaze bench so Hubby can park his car inside.

Now with everything put away, there is more than enough room for Hubby to park his car... but once he is gone, the sawhorses and planks come out and it's play time!!

Thank you for taking a tour of my studio and I hope others will find encouragement that you don't need a large space to have everything one needs to be a studio potter.

Until next time... Peace and Light!