Friday, January 31, 2014

Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom... Empower one another!!

It's early morning... 6:05 and here I sit enjoying my first cup of tea, in my new mug from The Potter's House by Mary K. I am involved with a pottery group and we recently had a pottery swap.  This mug was from my swap buddy!! 

While I "half asleep manage" my youngest daughter to get ready for school and I with my cup of tea in hand, read my new San Antonio Magazine, an article catches my eye... about Christina Coker - Mom and Blogger of "Champagne taste on a Beer Budget" ... and it got me thinking.

Recently, there has been some "new" scuttle about a recent Blog post that hit the airways and print press nationwide... the very old "Stay at Home Moms vs Working Mothers".  We have all seen these... they are everywhere... in the newspaper, magazines, blogs, news and even directly from people we encounter.  WHY?????

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I was an Insurance Agent for a large commercial insurance company in Atlanta Georgia. I juggled work, kids, home, husband and life... as we all do.  Early in our marriage, my husband and I decided that I would no longer work outside of the home for a variety of reasons.  Being from the corporate world I approached my "new job" like an outside job...  well... that completely turned my life upside down and into the best career I could ever want.  While no one has recently asked my opinion... I'd like to weigh in on this topic seeing that I have been able to enjoy both lifestyles...

I believe there is a need for both. No I'm not trying to be politically correct or sit on the fence.  I am totally for empowering woman, no matter what they choose... I refuse to judge another woman's choice, if she has one, on whether she wants to work outside the home, work from home or her home is her job.  That's not to say that a working mother's home is not her job... she has to do both... usually without a nanny, chef, house cleaner, pool boy, dog walker, tutor, personal shopper or a number of any other positions we as home managers handle each and every day... and to that I give her a standing ovation over and over. 

For me though, I found my outside career and home life budded heads quite a bit.  My company didn't like that I needed to leave at 5 to pick the kids up from day care.  They wanted to see a "committed" employee and to them that meant staying later than 5pm. It didn't matter that I worked through breaks, didn't chit chat through out the day, waste time with doing personal business on company time, took on work from others that were behind... it was always that staying after hours! ARRRGGG!  To me when I left at 5 pm I was starting my full-time job... taking care of my family.

I am one of the lucky ones though, I am able to choose what I want to do, because of the support of my husband and have to tell you... I love my current position.  When I worked full time I struggled caring for my family and home the way I wanted to mainly because of the time involved - there just never seemed to be enough time for me.  Being the CEO of my Household, yes I am - see my Facebook page, completely satisfies me and challenges me.  Yes, there are times I miss the corporate world... the hour long lunches, adult conversations, using the bathroom uninterrupted, my beautiful and feminine power suits, the shoes - ahh... the shoes, those beautiful high heels... but... not often. 

Today, my wardrobe consists of jeans, a t-shirt and I'm usually barefoot... OK, I'm always barefoot... and I've never been happier or more at peace in my life and that effects my family.  That whole "happy wife, happy life" and "if momma's not happy, no one is happy" is sooo true, at least for me.  I love my family, I love my life. 

Moms that are home managers should be able to say that without fear of the inevitable "oh, so you don't work then" crass comments, just as women that chose to work outside of the home shouldn't be looked at as "selfish and uncaring". We need to praise each other, respect each other, empower each other, because truth be told, we need each other and we rely on each other.

I wear my "Stay-at-Home" badge proudly, like Christina and just as every career woman should wear her "Working Mom" badge proudly.  Imagine what we women could accomplish by empowering each other instead of putting each other down because one chooses to care for ones family or pursues a career, either by choice or necessity.  This negativity keeps all of us in bondage of reaching our true potential as a group... as a group of inspirational, nurturing, hard working, hard charging, never quit women!!

As my current career is ever changing soon I will be heading up a new department... caretaker of elderly parent.  Not yet, thank goodness, but soon.  Kids and elderly parent... always a woman... up for any challenge that comes my way.

Thanks for reading my non-pottery blog today.  The kiln is cooling down from a glaze fire and as every potter does... I peeked!  Looks good, can't wait until this evening to unpack and see how all came out.

Peace and light