Monday, March 17, 2014

Making a Foam Trimming Bat

We all have projects that sit around that aren't accomplished until we have a need for them.  That is the situation I found myself in today. 

 A couple of days ago I threw large 3 1/2 pound bowls that were too wide and they didn't fit well on my Giffin Grip.  The rims were shaped in such a way that I didn't want to use clay to hold them in place for fear of distorting the rim... thus the need for the foam bat.  I have seen the "foam trimming bats" for sale in the pottery supply stores and even used them in classes I have taken but never had the need for one until today. As I looked around my studio I found all the components to make one.

For the non-potter... the foam bat will grip the rims of leather hard pieces and holds them in place for trimming.  The foam bat has concentric rings to make for easy centering.  These are great for delicate rims.

The needed items are:

a bat for your pottery wheel
dense craft foam, mine is 2 inches thick
glue suitable for the bat and foam, I used Gorilla Glue
knife to cut foam with

I first glued the foam to my bat with Gorilla Glue following the instructions on the bottle.  I let this dry with a few books placed on top to ensure attachment.

Next, after I was pleasantly surprised that it stuck, I cut the foam with my Hubby's electric knife... shhhh, please don't tell him. I did run it through the dishwasher so it should be OK... right??

Using the electric knife was like cutting through soft butter... quick and easy, no fuss no muss.

I then took it for a whirl on the wheel were I made concentric circles with a permanent marker as the bat spinned...

and voila... one foam trimming bat ready for use...

Until next time...
Peace and Light