Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Porcelain Handbuilding

What a great day at the studio... couldn't ask for better weather... mid 80's, no humidity... just me, a few bags of partially opened bags of clay, great tunes and my little studio helper - Zeus!

I found some porcelain and thought I would do a little Porcelain Handbuilding and make a few ring holders or trinket dishes.
I love this one with the initials and a heart between. Very romantic. They will be stunning left unglazed. I love the opaqueness of the porcelain.
This was a left over bag of Buffalo Wallow.  I love this clay. When fired it is a toasted tan color. This is my favorite clay. I love the color and it's faboo to throw with.
A few sponge holders finished up the open bag of white stoneware.  I incorporated my leaf cutouts as I do with my Garlic Keepers. They will make  a great addition to the collection.

Until next time... Peace and light!